An announcement…

Okay, guys… it’s time to confess that ROGUE CHARMS is probably not going to be coming in October. 😣 I’m seriously considering emigrating to Costa Rica so I can get decent healthcare insurance. Because I am a micro-business of one without any employees, right now in the state I live, I’m not able to purchase decent healthcare insurance from a reputable company.

BUT… I can get decent health insurance and healthcare in Costa Rica. And that matters enough for me to consider disrupting my entire life. You bet it does. And you know what? I would be able to write just fine in Costa Rica.

So in order to try to figure this out – how to get residency, how to safely move my pets, what sort of things I need to get rid of and what I will ship, and pricing out all of this – has started to suck my life away. I’m also traveling down to Costa Rica on June 17 for 12 days to look around and make sure that this is a move I can live with.

I’ve got a lot to learn and I’ve not made any final decisions, but I’ve already taken my elderly dog Charlie to the vet, who says that he’s in good enough shape to take on a plane… But I think this would be a one-way trip for Charlie. So there are serious implications to considering a move like this. I will take work with me when I go to Costa Rica on the 17th, and I am certainly going to be writing through the summer as much as I am able.

So hopefully there won’t be too much of a disruption and ROGUE CHARMS will still be coming by, say, January instead of October. All I can say is, for now, things are very much up in the air. And I ask that all of you hang in there with me.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Good Luck with the trip , hope you will love Costa Rica and all will be good with the health insurance. Keep us posted with the move , sending lots of good vibes your way !!!

  2. Caroline says:

    Wishing you all the best- that you find peace, joy, fulfillment and happiness in your endeavors. I hope that your pain and any burden you carry will be lifted. Sometimes we are tied to our responsibilities at the expense of our wellbeing. Take care of yourself first and all other paths will reveal themselves.

    Your gift has given joy to so many others. I’m selfish to want your next installment instantly, but I want even more for you to be well. Safe travels!

  3. Jackie McKeowm says:

    Good luck! Hurricane proof/reinforced house is a must.

  4. Erin Valentine says:

    I’m always content to wait for your books.

    That’s a lie – I’m always anxious because they’re so darn good, but I would never expect you to do anything that makes your life more difficult to feed the desire of me or anyone else to read your work. I’m glad you’re choosing to take care of yourself, and not JUST because it means you’ll be writing longer. 😉

    I have friends who saved up and moved to Costa Rica last year for similar reasons, and they love it.

  5. Ky says:

    I loved Costa Rica. I backpacked through there. I met many people who were staying in Hostels just so they could get a procedure. Because it was cheaper to fly there and stay then it was to get the procedure in the states.

    Best of Luck!

    It’s a beautiful country.

  6. Mysticmoods says:

    Dear Thea,

    What a sad commentary on the state of our healthcare system. If you decide to move to Costa Rica, I wish you the best. If you have doubts, perhaps you’d find better health insurance options in a different state, or through membership in a national organization that negotiates group rates for its members. Something to consider.

  7. Siobhan Kelly-Martens says:

    Hey, Thea, I sent you a mail through your contact form. I got permission from friends of mine who are currently living in Costa Rica as expats to give you their contact information. They would be happy to discuss more in depth your chances of getting in (in this political climate), what the health care system is REALLY like, and all that good stuff.

    I hope this helps!


  8. Mary Healey says:

    I just discovered your books and I absolutely love them. I am so sorry this is happening to you, as an RN for 34 years I continue to find it appalling that people make significant sacrifices for any kind of healthcare. This is a human rights issue and should not be a business decision! My best to you and I will watch for future publications!

  9. Inari Li says:

    I have many chronic conditions and am fighting to win my disability case right now in the US, so I definitely empathize about the healthcare problem! Wishing you the best. I love your books and have all the ones you’ve written under this name (that I know of, lol)! My bunnies and I wish your well in whatever adventures you may have ahead.