Are you attending RARE?

We’re getting very close to the RARE London and RARE Roma book signings! I’m so excited for these events and looking forward to meeting readers and other authors.

Please note, I will not be selling books from my table at either of these events. I’ve been told the on-site bookseller will have some of my traditionally published titles for sale, but I don’t know which books or how may copies will be available. That means you will either need to bring the books you want me to sign with you or purchase them from the on-site bookseller, instead of purchasing or picking up a pre-purchased copy directly from me. I don’t want to focus on selling or distributing books while at the RARE book signings. I want to concentrate on meeting readers and signing the items you bring to me. I believe the connection and time spent with my readers is the most important thing!

Also, the bookseller won’t have any of my self-published titles available, like the Mooshadow series or American Witch. Those can only be purchased online. Print copies of my novels and novellas are available through Amazon and the Book Depository.

I hope to see you at RARE!

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