Blog Post: Create an Elder Races Character Contest

This week I asked people on Twitter and on Facebook if they would enjoy a contest where they could name an Elder Races character for one of my stories.  So many of you responded with such enthusiasm, I have constructed a Create a Character Contest, which will run from now until 12 noon MDT April 30th.

To enter the contest, comment here on my blog and in ONE paragraph give me four things:

1. Give me a name

2. Tell me which Elder Race this character is, or if he/she is human.

3. Give me an age for the character.

4. Tell me whether this is a male or a female.


After that, I’ll take it from there!  I’ll pick a winner, to be announced at 12 noon MDT on April 30th.  I’ll take the details from the winner’s entry and create a secondary character that might be a good guy but could be a bad guy.

That character will appear in novella #4, HUNTING SEASON, which is the last of my planned Elder Races short stories and will end the story arc from TRUE COLORS (#1), NATURAL EVIL (#2), and DEVIL’S GATE (#3).

Can’t wait to see the comments.  Let’s have fun!



61 Responses

  1. JenniferRNN says:

    Okay, I had to play.

    1. Reese – a candy loving character who is also a
    2. vampire – and is a relatively newbie
    3. at 300 years
    4. and is definitely male

    I couldn’t resist

  2. Ruth Thompson says:

    1. Nico Vincent Donnie

    2. Snake Shifter Wyr

    3. 33 years

    4. Male

  3. Lillie says:

    1. Garrison
    2. Gargoyle (wyr or demon race, not sure)
    3. 1000 years
    4. male

  4. Jane-Ann Hoskins says:

    Name – Jane-Ann (there are never any characters with my name)
    Designation -human
    Age – 30ish
    Hopefully a friend to a character who needs one

  5. Raonaid Luckwell says:


    Drow / Dark Elf



    * Yes I am shamefully trying to get a drow!

    • Raonaid Luckwell says:

      Isto’barra – her name literally means “Night shadow”. Can be sadistic, snarky, sarcastic demeanor. She knows how to wield pain and yet deliever pleasure.

      On her sensual lips she has a permanent wry smirk on her lips.

  6. Inez Kelley says:

    1- George (as in St. George the dragon slayer) but he goes by GEO

    2- immortalized human

    3- Ancient

    4- Male

  7. Sheri Moore says:

    1. Issac

    2. Not Human but looks like a man, breathes under water, but don’t dare call him Aqua Man or MerMan. He’s an Elemental.

    3. Looks 30, but know idea of age

    4, Male

  8. Jennifer Goos says:

    Lasreth Ruvain


    A few thousands years– she doesn’t bother to count.


  9. The Character is a large male Saber tooth Cat. His name is Sammy Felidae (Felidae is the Family name of the saber tooth cat). Smilodon is the most common and popular genus of Saber tooth cat – hence why I chose Sammy as a first name. The Saber tooth cat is about 2.5 million years old, so I put Sammy at over 1000 years old. I chose this species as a Wyr because he is fast, sleek, agile, sexy, and he has terrifyingly impressive canine teeth.

  10. Traci says:

    I would name a character Alia Sinclair. She would be some form of large cat shifter. She would be a much younger Wyr to help define differences in beliefs/behaviors between the old school original Wyr formed in the birth of the world and those that are born in more modern times.

  11. bn100 says:

    1. Astra
    2. sorceress and dragon
    3. 248- looks like she’s 25
    4. female

  12. Yami says:

    Name: Nikia
    Race: Demon – Spider/Succubus type
    Age: over 3000, remembers when Greek gods and Norse gods we’re ‘rulers’
    Sex: Female

  13. Phaedra says:

    1) Pheon
    2) pooka (black nightmare horse)
    3) 2000 years
    4) male

  14. Anna Sigrún says:

    Arthur Macmahon
    polar bear wyr

  15. gamistress66 says:

    name — Ann (middle name that she goes by, 1st name actually Margaret)
    race — human/witch
    sex — female


    • gamistress66 says:

      forgot age == early to mid 40’s but looks/seems younger (about mid/late 30’s)

  16. bungluna says:

    2-Chamellion wyr
    3-500 y/9

  17. Allie says:


    The name Dexter never shows up anywhere. I so adore this name.

  18. Allie says:

    That was supposed to be 23. Obviously a human is not going to be 231…

  19. Hannah says:

    The name just came to mind, though I was torn about whether it ought to be a djinn or a falcon shifter. Just something suitably Middle Eastern :p

  20. Kelly Wilborn says:

    The Character is named Diamanta the name is French from Latin meaning adamant, like a diamond. Diamanta is called Dia for short and is a female that’s over 700 years old, but only looks to be in her early 30’s. Dia is very voluptuous and has piercing yellow-green eyes. She is a Wyr that shifts into a Tarasque dragon. Diamanta in her shifter form of the french mythical Tarasque dragon has skin that sparkles like diamonds,her eyes stay the same piercing yellow-green in both of her forms, broad strong wings that have an angelic appearance,the claws of a bear and a lethal stinger on her tail. Dia’s total package is beautiful but lethal.

  21. Erin Teuton says:

    The character I have envisioned is a water creature that ails from the Emerald Isle. Maybe some kind of selkie or Merman. He is a brawny man with auburn hair and his name is Connor. Of course, he would have a beautiful accent and gorgeous green eyes. He would have to be old enough to have experienced some hardships in life, so about 400-500 years old. I think matching him up with a human female with a fiery temper would be perfect..:)

  22. Viki S. says:

    Her name is Te Mara and she is a Siberian Tiger shifter. I see her as being very sexy but not knowing it. She’s so young (under 100 yrs old) and innocent but she moves like a cat even in her human form and is VERY feminine.

    • Sandy says:

      Oooo I like your idea Viki. I think she would be quite tall since Siberian’s are such large cats.

      • Viki S. says:

        Yes, Sandy. She has long lean, toned, muscular legs. She also has a killer smile ;).

  23. sonona says:

    Nightsky is a rare stunning beautiful full black pather and human mix with skyblue eyes, long black hair and the skin tone of a native american princess know mamory other then her name she doesn’t know her age or where she comes from . she looks to be about 27-28 and can readinf in to your soul and mind and she sinces her mate is close but where is he? who could he be? will her tracking skills help her find him?

  24. Cheryl says:

    1) Eleva Enn
    2)half human, half unknown
    4) 18 yrs old

    *she has no memories of her own past, but somehow knows everyone else’s just by looking at them. She is constantly searching for who and what she is.*

  25. julaine says:

    Female Feline Shifter
    Age : Less than 40 so the character can reference one or both of their parents’ love of the great Andre Norton who who was one of the great pioneers of fantasy and science fiction. I loved that smart and snarky sidekick she created and a tribute reference done by someone as talented as you would be welcome.

  26. Nita says:

    Maura is a 124 year old Fae with striking blue eyes and a lovely smile. She’s extremely curious – loves asking questions and making people laugh.

  27. Sandy says:

    My character’s name would be Haven. She is human with special gifts, empathy and healing.She’s been isolated most of her 20 years due the overload of emotion she picks up from others. Maybe she needs a strong, alpha Wyr male/mate who will complete her and help her hone her gifts. She would be a great assest.

    • Viki S. says:

      I can see it now Sandy, the Wyr is question will have the ability to siphon off and deflect some of the emotions for her. I like that :).

  28. Kitana Bradford says:

    1. Corrie

    2. Wyr-Scorpion (…Is there such a thing?)

    3. Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway.

    4. Androgynous female.

  29. Phyllis says:

    Dragon- related to Dragos
    1100 years in ripped 40 yr old body

  30. Sally says:

    age 950
    no memory of being able to shift
    no memory of anyone he ever knew
    very wealthy but doesn’t know it
    doesn’t know who he is.
    Young female Wyr Draco finds him

  31. Rachel says:

    Serafina, meaning burning or fiery ones, is as old as Dragos and yet only 200 years. As a Wyr Phoenix, she is reborn whenever she dies. What would it take for her to die for good? What does she live for?

  32. Jo says:

    1) Ashynna
    2) Demi God (daughter of Inanna & Urien)
    3) It’s impolite to ask a Lady (And she’d plant you on your butt)
    4) Female

  33. Sandy Lion says:

    1. Vulcan
    2. He is a Basililisk- not a true Wry but has learned to take on human form
    3. several thousand years old – but only he knows for sure
    4. male- and has a seductive side

  34. Diane says:

    He is a vampire
    About 150-175 years old, young for a vampire.
    Male, a spectacular one if I do say so myself.

  35. Pinky says:

    Polly (Who in the HELL named me Polly???)
    Parrot Wyr and professional stripper (she know HOW to use those feathers)
    A twenty-two year old green eyed redhead

  36. Helena says:

    1. Alexandra Core

    2. Phönix Wry

    3. 500 years

    4. female

    5. new Bodyguard for Pia ^^

  37. Tolouse says:

    1: Mouse (it could be a nickname)
    2: wyr cat, an ordinary housecat
    3: 6 years old
    4. female

  38. Deb says:

    1 – Raymee

    2- Gargoyle Wyr

    3- 500 to 600 years old

    Brought up through the ranks, as Dragos top Wyr’s are finding their mates and leaving. Hard core, no nonsense male who loves Altoids.

  39. glossaria says:

    1- Gil MacBeith
    2- Light Fae (as far as I recall, we’ve only met one so far!);
    3- 962 years old (eternally looks like he’s in his mid-20’s)
    4- male
    (A little background… the concept is from the “Ghillie Dhu” of Scottish folklore… shy, solitary, dark-haired fae dressed in moss and leaves who lives in and protects the woods (birch being his favorite) and is friendly to children. Today, I bet he’d be a park ranger or an environmentalist.)

  40. Taina Pfenninger says:

    1. Annwn
    2. Hellhound “demon kind”
    3. Born at the creation

  41. Taina Pfenninger says:

    4. Male

  42. Krista says:

    1. Angelyne
    2. Wyr-Phoenix
    3. Born at Creation (or when Taliesen first appeared first).
    4. Female

  43. Zafirah says:

    Calessa. A 300 something years old (though she looked 20-ish) female outcast due to her inter-Elder Races mix breed (a Light Fae and a Demonkind) who works as a witch.

  44. Sabina says:

    Name: Jase
    Race: Manticore
    Age: 125
    Sex: Male

  45. reesa says:

    Genevieve is a 27 year old Siren. She’s a shy woman that doesn’t like to get out much. Her brassy side shows up when she plays video games online with other people.

  46. Kathryn C. says:

    1. Theon
    2. Wyr- Cynogriffon ( Half Eagle, Half Wolf/Dg)
    3. Age- 500 yrs
    4. Male
    * Think 6″3″, Skin the color of mocha, bald head and hazel eyes.*
    Sexy & Mysterious

  47. Melissa B says:

    1. Alyxandria
    2. Wyr ~ rare butterfly shifter w/ ability to sift time
    3. 850-1200
    4. 5’4″, 100 lbs, streaky blonde/read/black hair, silvery blue eyes

  48. AHM says:

    Name: Luca
    Race: human/Gargoyle, raised as human
    Age: 14
    Sex: Male

  49. Nadine says:

    21 (Party Girl)

  50. Lydi Lockhart says:

    Name: Kora Hawthron
    Race: Wood Nymph
    Lives: Central Park
    Age: 40ish (looks around 25)
    Sex: Female

  51. Valentine says:

    Name: Penelope Lopez (Pen,Penny,)

    Race: Coyote Wyr

    Lives in American South West on a reservation and works for the USGS…surveying and such…card shark…she’s been banned from pretty much every casino on the western half of the US.

    Age: Old enough to know better

    Always mistaken for Latina…Native American on both sides…Step-father was the Lopez.