Blog Post: Investing in characters

I just had a terrific exchange with Lauren Dane on Twitter.

Lauren wrote:  “I love it when I can take a thread from 3 books back, just a tiny thing, and bring it into the book I’m writing now.”

I told her, I do too.  I’m excited and grateful at the opportunity to develop a series.  I’ve just been thinking about all the readers who have contacted me about characters they’ve read in the Elder Races series and hope to see again.

I think you should know– As a writer, I fall in love with these characters too.  I’m just as excited as any reader at the chance to revisit them.  Sooo… once again, readers, THANK YOU for opening up this opportunity for all of us to enjoy.

You guys rock.  I thought it was important to tell you that.

One Response

  1. Mary Brebner says:

    I love when there are character connections within a world created by an author. Just finished Devil’s Gate and I got a little thrill whenever I recognized a character from another book. (Yes, I’m a total book nerd and do get invested in series and the characters in that series!)