Blog post: LORD’S FALL covers and book copy

I’m utterly excited to share with you the awesome covers for LORD’S FALL, along with the cover copy for the book!

LORD’S FALL will have a step-back cover, which means there will be a front cover and an inside cover, or a “step-back.”  The front cover will have a die-cut at the top so you can see the step-back through the bars.

Front cover

Step-Back Cover

Cover copy

In the latest Novel of the Elder Races, two mates find themselves on different paths, torn between their duty to the Wyr and the passion that binds them…

Before she met Dragos, half-human half-wyr Pia Giovanni was alone and on the run. Now, she’s mated, pregnant and heading south to repair the Wyr’s frayed relationship with the Elves. Being separated from Dragos is painful, but for the good of the Wyr demesne they need to figure out how to be partners, in more places than just the bedroom.

In New York to preside over the Sentinel Games, Dragos is worried about his mate, but knows that finding two replacement sentinels is essential to show the rest of the Elder Races just how strong and brutal the Wyr demesne can be. But as the games heat up, Pia’s negotiations with the Elves take a turn for the dangerous, straining her bond with Dragos and threatening everything they hold dear…

Expected publication: November 6th 2012 by Berkley

23 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful cover! I can’t wait til get my hands on this one!

  2. Michelle Bledsoe says:

    Gorgeous cover. Thank you for giving us more of Dragos and Pia. I love all of the Wyr characters.

  3. Victoria Moore says:

    I can’t wait to read it. I gobbled up everything you’ve written. Word, however, the planned cover will be destroyed each time it’s shelved and reshelved at bookstores. Die cuts just take a beating.

  4. Tamara Hoffa says:

    OMG, I almost had a heart attack, somehow I read “last” not “latest” novel of the Elder Races! Can’t wait to see what Pia and Dragos are up to! I love this series. I gush about you all the time! I find you writing amazing! not just the content but the prose itself. Looking forward to more from the Elder Races

  5. Melissa B says:

    Oooh, it’s GORGEOUS!!
    And I just cannot WAIT for more Dragos and Pia!! And Peanut!

  6. LynnL says:

    Dang is it November yet? I can’t wait to read about Dragos and Pia again. PIa rock and Dragos rock!

  7. Jeannie Smith says:

    I’m very excited that Drago’s and Pia’s story line is continuing. Can’t wait!

  8. Viki S. says:

    The cover is wonderful. Poor Dragos and Pia. Now that I’ve said that, I can’t wait. I’m sure Peanut will be born into a happy home :).

  9. Sandy Lion says:

    Beautiful cover- great series!

  10. I’m so excited! This new book is awesome! Too bad to have to wait 6 months!! I’m so eager to read about Pia and Dragos again!!!!

  11. Nina says:

    Does anyone know if the kindle version will be released at the same time? I just downloaded and read, or should I say devoured?- the first five books in this series and got a sneak preview of Lords Fall. I can’t believe I have got to wait 8 months to read the next, its like being pregnant…

  12. smileygirl3090 says:

    Wah! (<< small excited scream) It is so cool to see this, I think I might actually have to order it in paperback rather than buy it for my kindle (I've never seen a die-cut book cover. Die-cut card/wedding invitation, yes, book cover, no). I wish I didn't have to wait so long though… Also, I am assuming the man with the lustworthy torso is Dragos, I don't like that he is behind bars 🙁 if it wasn't for the fact that your books inevitably come good for your characters, I'd also be freaking about the title… It is kind of ominous…

  13. Erica says:

    Please ma’am can we have some more. I need more to read to tied me over until November!!! So excited.

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  15. Julia says:

    I came across The Elder series while reading Angela Knight books. From the first book of the Elder series, I was hooked! November is a long way to wait for the “Lord’s Fall” but its a good wait. I love Pia, Dragos & Peanut!

  16. thea says:

    Thank you so much, everybody! I can’t wait to see this in print!

    @Nina, I have every expectation that the Kindle version will be released in the US the same time as the print version.

    November seems very far away right now, but I suspect the time will go a lot faster than we think.


  17. Sandy says:

    beautiful cover…

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  19. Nikki H says:

    That’s a gorgeous cover. But November???? I hate having to waiting that long to read the next Elder! Guess I’ll be rereading a bit.

  20. Brooke Wyatt says:

    It really is beautiful. I loved Pia and Dragos. I’ll be excited to see how their relationship progresses. Pia is one spirited gal!! I love all the others too. Although, I want my boys Tiago and Rune to come visit eventually. 🙂

  21. Sue V says:

    Can you please post here on the website the excerpt for ‘Lord’s Fall’ that was in the back of ‘Oracle’s Moon?’ I’ve loaned out all 4 of my Elder Races books to a friend and now I want to re-read the excerpt but can’t! *sobs*


  22. Zafirah says:

    November 6th? That’s a day after my birthday. Yay! I definitely know what I want for my birthday now :p