Blog Post: Vivian Arend and I are having a Twitter ice cream party!!


~~~Rules and guidelines~~~

We’ve talked about it before… and now we’re doing it!

We need a little fun to round out the summer. Join @TheaHarrison and @VivianArend on Fridays in August for a chance to win giveaways and more importantly—have an excuse to eat ice cream.


How it works:

You pick up the ice cream of your heart’s delight and come out to Twitter on Fridays throughout the month of August. Send out tweets regarding your delectable treat using the hash tag #FriIceCreamParty. (That’s # Fri Ice Cream Party all in one chunk. Hmm, chunks…)

Since we have readers/friends in all time zones, join in when you can.  Vivian will be on Twitter on Fridays between: 1-3 pm PDT (late night noshing with the European crew!) Thea will be on Twitter on Fridays between: 5 to 7 pm MDT (which is 7 to 9 pm EST).

On each Saturday, Thea and Viv will go back through the tweets for that Friday and randomly pull two names to receive an ebook of their choice from our backlists.

September 1 we’ll go back through ALL the tweets for the month and pull two grand-prize winners. One for a Thea book pack, one for a Viv book pack. (Winner’s choice of ebook or print, 4 books total. International.)

Mainly, though, we just plan to eat ice cream and torment all others on Twitter who don’t have any in the house. Sound like fun? Brawhahaha!

Come join the fun!

Thea and Viv



6 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh how wicked you are! Eat ice cream? That’s terribly bad for the figure, and I’m trying to lose weight. No, no, I couldn’t possibly…

    *pulls on coat and walks to the store*


  2. mandy says:

    Cookie Dough ice cream, here I come!

  3. Pam P says:

    Don’t tweet but I’ll sure be eating some Waffle Cone, my favorite HD flavor.

  4. Susan E. says:


  5. alison says:

    Friday nights are (me) nights, so Baileys Ice Cream, here I come. I dont tweet so!!