Blog Post: Writer Wednesday with guest author Carly Phillips

From Thea:  I’m thrilled to have guest author Carly Phillips visiting on my blog this week.  Carly is another one of those writers I have connected with through the magic of Twitter, and she is absolutely wonderful.

Carly is kindly offering a giveaway with her post, and details follow at the end of her post.


When Life Gets in the Way …

As Thea will tell you, I was late in getting this blog to her despite the fact that we scheduled the guest spot a long time ago.  Why? Life got in the way.  I’m sure that’s true for all of us, one way or another.  We work, we take care of people around us, pets, family, friends … and sometimes, everything comes to a grinding halt.  That’s the way I’ve been feeling recently.  Illness in the family, a child home from college,  a younger daughter who I am driving to a driver’s ed class that somehow no one mentioned was at 7 AM every other day, and 8:30 on the rest … my schedule is off kilter.  Which means I’m off kilter.

Yet life goes on, right? We work (in my case I write) and do all the things we’re supposed to but it’s harder somehow when you’re just feeling heavier and more burdened.  But, though we all live different kinds of lives, we have one thing in common that brings us all together and yes, can take us away from our troubles.  READING.

The wonderful world of books (and I don’t care how you indulge in your passion, paperback, hardcover, eBook or audio), the ability to go off into another world is something I will never ever take for granted.  This summer, in the midst of madness, I’ve discovered new authors, I’ve entered new (paranormal) worlds, and I’ve gone over the erotica edge and delved into the BDSM world via books.  And when I do this, I’m not thinking about my 6 AM alarm, my sick dad, the wonder and difficulties of having a suddenly adult child living home.  I’m part of something better, at least for awhile.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that despite feeling … yucky … I’ve been able to write through it.  Another way I can escape into a new world.  And that’s what I love about being a writer.

Since becoming a writer, thanks to social media, I’ve been able to talk to readers, other writers, bloggers, reviewers etc. about books.  I learned that many people have what they call, COMFORT READS.  Books they reread when they want to revisit a place or characters they love.  This surprised be because despite having been an avid reader all my life, I rarely reread a book from beginning to end.  Suddenly I’m thinking I should!

So when life gets too crazy, or when you’re just in the mood, do you REREAD a book from beginning to end? Or do you look for a new read to lose yourself in?

Comment for a chance to a win a SERENDIPITY backlist book of your choice –  (Serendipity, Destiny, Kismet, Karma).  The giveaway will end at Thea’s discretion.  Thanks for having me here today!

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31 Responses

  1. mandy says:

    I’m always looking for new books to read, so when I am feeling oogy and needing a comfort read there is a shelf of tried-and-true books that I refuse to get rid of. Those worlds are the ones I turn to and I love when I find a new book to add to that shelf.

    • Lee says:

      Exactly, Mandy! Sometimes it’s life being stressful, sometimes I’m physically less than optimal, sometimes my brain is just tired from a long day at work. Regardless, my comfort reads have stayed remarkably consistent over the years and offer that snuggly feeling of a favorite blankie.

      And Carly – I have to say I really love the Serendipity series! The brothers’ journey to reunion and redemption in the midst of romance were beautifully developed.

  2. CrystalGB says:

    Hi Carly. I love your books. I usually look for a new book to read.

  3. Chelsea B. says:

    I’m definitely a start-a-new book kinda girl. Getting lost in a new world is always WIN! Though I have to admit to rereading a few parts every now and then from favorite books 🙂

  4. Katherine says:

    Comfort book are great. I have books that make me laugh and those that make me cry every time I read them; I am most avidly a re-reader. When I have the need to read something new, but am in a precarious place in my life, I turn to certain authors whose book I like to save until I need them—candy books—that will distract me from a very bad mood, or perk me up from a bad day. They are my go-to when I know I NEED a good story and an author I can trust to deliver one without fail. Candy Authors are the maybe half-dozen gifted story-tellers who I trust implicitly with my psyche—even when it is bruised or broken. It is not an honor I give lightly, and I am always overjoyed if I can find another voice that I can trust with such a window to my soul.

  5. Hi, all. Sorry I’ve been out all day … it is very hard when life is crazy … I love getting lost in any book. And thanks for the Serendipity love! xo

  6. Tina M says:

    I look for a new book to read. I don’t have to look far I always have a new one right beside me…

  7. Amelia says:

    I do both. If i’m going to be busier than normal I re-read a favorite and if I’m going to have more time then I read something new.

  8. Sarah M. says:

    There aren’t many books that I can re-read, so I generally look for a new book. I might know how the characters will end up, but it’s the journey to that point that is most fun!

  9. Thanks so much for the post! Love it! Life is ALWAYS getting in the way, but I have to find time to read and write because it’s WHO I am!

  10. Joan Siegel says:

    When I am very stressed I like to reread several old favorites. There is a certain warmth and comfort in rereading about old friends.

  11. JenM says:

    I have a few books that I like to reread, but in general, I tend to start a new book when I want to escape. On the other hand, I read so many books, that if I finish one and then pick it up a year later, I’ve usually forgotten enough of it that it seems brand new.

  12. misskallie2000 says:

    Love Carly’s books and would love to win one of these. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  13. Kim Matlock says:

    I usually just read a new book. I never go back to reread a book that I’ve read before. I do however skim certain parts of a previous book, if the book is part of a series and I want to remember something.

  14. bn100 says:

    I like to reread some books.

  15. donnas says:

    When I reread I usually skip though to favorite parts. If I really want to lose myself I pick a new book.

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  17. Cate S says:

    I love to go back an re-read my favorite books…. Which is why they are on my keeper shelf..make that shelves! I must say that with all the new social media, it has been easier to locate new-to-me authors and styles… But the HEAs are the best when life’s twists & turns become snakefilled pits! PS enjoy these last days in a vehicle with your ‘last one’…

  18. May says:

    Oh, I always re-read my favorite books a few times a yr. 🙂 I do forget the little details and it is always good to reread them!

  19. Kat Levato says:

    I have always been a re-reader. When I was younger it was books like S. E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders”. As I got a little older, my tastes graduated to Julie Garwood, Nora Roberts…and now, to authors like you, Lori Foster and Cherise Sinclair. And as I find new authors I love, I share them with my closest friends…and we debate which hero we would rather have and why. LOL! As I reread my books, I have found that I either discover something new that I missed or rediscover why I loved the characters so much. It’s been a great escape and only fueled my passion for reading.

  20. Jane says:

    I do like to reread favorites like Julie Garwood’s historicals or Barbara Freethy’s contemporaries. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood to try something different and might check out a genre I’m not too familiar with.

  21. Viki S. says:

    I have such a big TBR pile it would be a sin to re-read a book at the moment. A few years ago I did re-read when I needed a certain fix.

  22. I reread books for comfort, but I also reread books because it’s a part of my reading experience and always has been. (When I was five I borrowed the picture book of Beauty and the Beast from the school library week after week…after week.) Also, I will zoom through an eagerly anticipated new release and then go back to savor—and to pick up on any details I’ve missed in my rush.

    What I’ve noticed recently, vacationing with friends and family I *like* to socialize with, is that I don’t have the brain power to concentrate on a new book in the middle of intense socializing. The book will be abandoned for days while I’m busy and then I’ll develop a prejudice against it because the reason I’m not reading must have something to do with the quality of the book, and that just isn’t the case! A reread won’t suffer from that prejudice and sometimes I find that I like a book even more on the second read than I did on the first.

    When I was young and broke my keeper shelf developed from books I wanted to reread more than I wanted to get money/credit from the UBS. 🙂

  23. Lisa B says:

    I just blogged about this on my blog the other day. I do read a lot of books over and over and consider them my comfort reads. When i just need to lose myself in something i am familiar with. My number one author for this is Julie Garwood. Read her books over and over and over and they never get old. Sometimes i read from the beginning to end and sometimesi skip around. Just depends. I have several authors i do this with but she is my main go to for comfort reads.

    Life is crazy. We recently finished up drivers ed for our middle kid and now onto the actual driving. EEK!! lol

    Lisa B

  24. Sheryl N says:

    I have a ton of books on my bookshelf that I love and I will reread them many times, especially some of the series like Midnight Breed, Elder Races, Black Dagger Brotherhood. Gotta have a fix between books!!


  25. Hope you are all enjoying the blog. I really appreciate Thea having me here! I have so many books on my Kindle/iPad, I rarely go back. Maybe a specific scene or two in an oldiie …

    • thea says:

      I love having you, Carly! 🙂 Thanks for being here!

      Hi, everybody! I’m like Carly, I have so many things on my TBR list right now, that I rarely go back and reread. That doesn’t mean I DON’T though. Occasionally thumbing through an old favorite is just the right medicine.

  26. Amanda Grinstead says:

    A little bit of both actually. I tend not to re-read too many books because there’s just so many new ones coming out all the time and I’m so excited to read them. But I do keep a few favourites close by and re-read parts of them over again when I’m feeling down.

  27. Renee Howell says:

    Carly when I’m feeling yucky I usually look for something new to read especially from my favorite authors-it always seems to help pick up my spirits.
    Yes, you are most definitely on the list of my favorite authors. I enjoy your books so much! Thanks!

  28. Amber says:

    Hi Carly! I do a little of both depening on my mood and what’s close by at the time. I reread alot but I love finding new things too. 🙂 Thanks,

  29. Jeannie Smith says:

    This is so timely Carly. I have so much going on that seems insurmountable – basically because it is up to others and I have no control. I find myself reading more and more. I have so much good stuff to read though – mainly paranormals – that I am reading new things instead of re-reading favorites.