Rose-Coloured Love

From New York Times best-selling author Thea Harrison comes a vintage contemporary romance, as originally published under the pen name Amanda Carpenter in 1987.

Devan Richardson is a gifted author with a successful career, until heartbreak derails all her plans. Convinced she can’t continue to write about love when she’s been so badly betrayed by it, she quits. Retreating to her sister’s secluded home in rural Maine, Devan nurses her wounds while struggling to figure out who she is, if not an author, and how to move forward.

Ryan Forrester doesn’t know why Devan decided to quit writing, but he’s not going to let her throw her future away without a fight. He’s been an editor long enough to recognize her talent, and her editor long enough to form a connection with the headstrong author. He’s not ready to give up on her, even if she’s given up on herself.

Tracking Devan down is easy. Getting her to open up is not. But Ryan is determined, and he’s not going to let Devan turn her back on writing, or on love.

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