The Winter King

From New York Times best-selling author Thea Harrison comes a vintage contemporary romance, as originally published under the pen name Amanda Carpenter in 1994.

Yvonne Trent was born into the world of Hollywood royalty. Effortlessly ascending to the family throne at a young age, she enjoyed a lavish lifestyle on par with her fortune and critical acclaim. From the outside, Yvonne was living the dream. Inside, she felt hollow. In search of a more meaningful life, Yvonne walked away from it all, determined never to return.

Dubbed the Winter King due to his cold and ruthless manner, Adam Ruarke is the most sought-after director in Hollywood. His projects garner both popular and professional praise. Adam knows how to make an award-winning film and he knows Yvonne is the perfect actress to star in his next project—whether she wants to or not.

An ultimatum may have brought Yvonne out of her self-imposed exile, but the sparring match between Yvonne and Adam has just begun. How long can they fight the growing attraction between them? When filming is over, will Yvonne leave again, taking Adam’s heart with her when she goes?

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