Change of Plans

I’ve been public about some things I had intended to do next. One of them was to launch my new Patreon page, which will be an opportunity for readers to have a more immersive fan experience in my world-building and writing as I create my next projects.

The other thing I went public about is that I’m intending to write a few stories in my very large Elder Races universe, in the Other land of Ys. My novella The Chosen was set in this Other land, and I’d like to explore the tensions and opportunities more there.

(For readers who enjoy background information, I took the inspiration for Ys from a mythical city in French that was swallowed by the ocean. But after reading about Ys, I then decided to create my own thing.)

These two projects are on hold for the moment. When I launch Patreon, there’s so much goodness I’m planning for readers that I’d like to make sure my wonderful assistant Gretchen is operating at her tasks at full capacity, so she can help.

Unfortunately, Gretchen has recently been experiencing some complications in a pregnancy. If you believe in this sort of thing, I’m sure Gretchen would appreciate any good thoughts and prayers any of you may like to send her way. 😊

After some discussion with her and soul-searching, I’ve decided to postpone my plans for Patreon and the new stories in Ys until the beginning of 2019.

For now, I’m going to take the opportunity to pull out a manuscript of a story I wrote in 2016, but that, I felt, needed an extensive rewrite. I’d been hoping at some point to have the time to get back to that story and do it justice, and now is the time.

This story will also be an Elder Races novel, but instead of being based on European myths and legends, this will be based in the US. It WON’T be the first of the trilogy I’ve promised that will focus on the New York Wyr demesne.

Instead, this story is going to be something totally new for readers.

I do have a working title, but I’m not prepared to go public with that in case it changes. After working on booking editing services for this project, it looks like this will be an early to mid-February release.

I’ll post more news as I dig into the project and start feeling comfortable with releasing tidbits.



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