Cover reveal: LIONHEART

I decided to do a cover reveal for LIONHEART today, even though we’re not quite ready to put up pre-orders yet.

I’ll be putting together the blurb in the next few weeks, and I’ll share that too when it’s all polished and ready.

Hope you enjoy!

3 Responses

  1. Cynthia says:

    Is it wrong that when I saw that cover in the newsletter I wanted to nibble on his abs? And his jaw?

    Falls down ded.

  2. DS says:

    Is that Oberon? Oh my. *fans self*

  3. Chandra Pricer says:

    I love that the man on this cover looks like MAN. All sexy, snarling and rugged with a muscular barrel type chest. Yum. Much better than all the pretty boys that try to look like men that too many authors put on their covers. Thank you Thea!