Die Versuchung des Vampyrs – Now Available!

Dear German Readers,

Die Versuchung des Vampyrs, (Die Alten Volker/Elder Races 7) is now available!



For Apple iTunes

For Amazon Kindle

For Print via Amazon

For Inktera

Also check your local vendors – it’s also available through Tolino outlets. 🙂

Happy reading!


One Response

  1. Marina K says:

    Hey Teddy!
    I’m a big fan of your Elder Race-Series; Book 1-6 are very decorative on my bookshelf. 😉
    But – though I totally on our side with all of this “self-publishing”-stuff – maybe you could use the “old” style of the german covers? I don’t know how the other german fans of your work think about it, but… you now… it looks a bit like a overkill-dream of a 14y/o girl. Would fit to something like Twilight and their shiny-twinkle-vampires, but not to a book with a quality like one of yours.
    (It would be a great honor to help – I know a bit about this stuff… I’ve learnd a bit in nearly three years at design-and-art-High School (or however I should call it ;-))
    I hope that I don’t offend you – or misused your beautiful language :-/ I’m still learning (by reading books in englisch before read them in german ;-))

    Best Wishes!
    Marina K (23y/o)