Excerpt from my upcoming novella, The Chosen

Happy Monday! Since most of you said on Facebook that you would enjoy reading snippets from The Chosen, here’s a not-quite-so-small excerpt. As usual whenever I post snippets, the following is subject to editing and revision. 🙂
In the nearest watchtower, members of the council, other priestesses, Abbey workers and townsfolk watched the impending confrontation through tall windows.
The stage for the meeting was set, and the audience assembled. If nothing else, this should make interesting theater.
Within a few moments, the barge had neared enough Lily could make out the features of various soldiers. They stood at parade rest.
The man at their head captured her attention.
The Wolf of Braugne was younger than she had expected. He stood with his broadsword drawn, the tip planted in the planks between his feet, both gauntleted hands wrapped around the hilt. His dark hair was windswept, his hard face weathered from the elements.
Stories of him had tumbled across the six kingdoms. Each one had grown more horrific with each retelling.
At first glance, he didn’t appear to live up to his legend. He didn’t have glowing red eyes, nor did he tower head and shoulders taller than his men. She was a little disappointed, to be honest. She’d been fascinated by the idea of the forked tongue, cloven hooves and tail.
But no, this was an entirely human-looking man. While he had the strong figure and erect carriage of an experienced soldier, he wasn’t exactly handsome either. In fact, he could blend into a crowd on market day, and she might brush past without ever giving him a second glance.
Then, as the barge drew close enough to dock, she looked at the Wolf’s dark, glittering gaze and thought, no.
She would never brush past this man without a second glance. His still figure housed an immensely forceful personality, as if a blazing meteor had been lightly cloaked in flesh. He was a Wolf in sheep’s clothing, a juggernaut wearing a mild expression as he paused to turn his attention to a tiny principality on his crusade for total domination of Ys.
If the rumors were to be believed.
The Chosen
Copyright 2017 by Thea Harrison
All rights reserved
Part of the AMID THE WINTER SNOW anthology (coming December 2017)

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    Interesting, very interesting.
    It looks like an anthology full of winners.