Companion Pieces

The Elder Races Universe

In the Elder Races universe, time and space buckled at the Earth’s formation.  Scientists speculate that this phenomenon is not unique to the Earth, but that it also occurred throughout ... Read More

A Compendium of Wyr - Dragon Bound

In essence, a Wyr is a creature that is two-natured and typically they have two forms, an animal form and a human form. They have the ability to shapeshift at ... Read More

Discourse on the Dark Fae - Storm’s Heart

The Dark Fae are some of the longest lived creatures in the Elder Races universe, with several kingdoms throughout the world.  One of the most famous of the Dark Fae ... Read More

A Brief History of Vampyrism - Serpent’s Kiss

In the Elder Races universe, Vampyrism has an extensive and varied history that has its roots in ancient Egypt.  It has long been called the “serpent’s kiss,” many believe, because ... Read More

The Djinn in the Elder Races Universe - Oracle’s Moon

The Djinn in the Elder Races universe are creatures of air and fire, and almost unimaginable Power.  Born at the beginning of the world, they have no corporeal bodies; instead ... Read More

The Elves in the Elder Races Universe - Lord’s Fall

Elves are among the oldest and most Powerful of the Elder Races. Their Power comes from the five elements—air, fire, water, wood and earth. Like the Wyr and many of ... Read More

The Mysterious Tarot Deck - Lord’s Fall

Have you ever had your fortune told? Maybe at a party, by a friend who fancied herself psychic. Maybe you visited a storefront medium on a late night after a ... Read More

Numenlaur - Lord’s Fall

An Other land, it is the ancestral home of the Elves. Described as a land of flowing milk and honey, Numenlaur’s wonders pre-date any human civilization. The Elves flourished here, ... Read More

Worldbuilding 101–Thea Style - Lord’s Fall

I thought I’d start this first worldbuilding piece by something I did by accident when I wrote Dragon Bound. I built a world bigger than I could ever possibly ... Read More

An Introduction to Food and Magic - Lord’s Fall

Personally, I’ve been thinking about this for a few years. Just imagine how important magic would be if you lived somewhere like the Elder Races universe, or in any of ... Read More

The Elder Races Canvas - Lord’s Fall

In a previous worldbuilding article, I talked about building a bigger canvas than I can possibly write about in one lifetime. For readers who are not familiar with my Elder ... Read More

Blessing Food and Food as Medicine - Lord’s Fall

My own personal journey of diagnosing food intolerances and developing a way of eating that is right for me has taught me that in the real world food is medicine. ... Read More

World-Building for the American Witch trilogy - Lord’s Fall

I want to share a bit about Everwood, the primary setting for my American Witch trilogy. In building this fictional town, I've had to map out ... Read More

Magic and Fast Food Franchises? - Lord’s Fall

When I think of magic, food, and the Elder Races universe—which is an alternative, present-day Earth—one of the questions I’ve asked myself is whether magic could be combined with fast ... Read More

Drinks and Magic - Lord’s Fall

So far, in the Elder Races, I’ve given several examples of how drinks and magic intermix. I’m writing this off the top of my head, but I *think* the first ... Read More


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