Not available for Nook? Here’s why…


Sadly, I will not be distributing new releases through Barnes and Noble for the time being. With everything going on over the last few years, Barnes and Noble is struggling to survive. Authors received notice that they’re not paying some of their royalty obligations. While Barnes and Noble have protected self-published authors thus far from this shortfall, there is no guarantee they will pay royalties in full to self-published authors moving forward.

I want so badly for Barnes and Noble to survive, but I’m not willing to risk the revenue from my sales to their liquidity crisis, or potentially sacrifice a paycheck that I need to pay my rent and buy food if they withhold from paying their royalty obligation. For that reason, Nook readers will need to buy my stories from my web store for now.

This will work in your favor, because you’ll own the story outright and will upload it yourself to your e-reader. If Barnes and Noble do go under, I’m not quite sure what will happen to Nook and the stories readers have already purchased.

When I have confidence that Barnes and Noble will survive and pay their royalty obligation, I will release books through them again.

Thank you for understanding.