An Other land, it is the ancestral home of the Elves. Described as a land of flowing milk and honey, Numenlaur’s wonders pre-date any human civilization. The Elves flourished here, until their pride and arrogance nearly destroyed them.

When time and space buckled during the Earth’s formation, each of the gods threw an item containing a sliver of their power into the world to enact their will.  These items were called the Deus Machinae – the God Machines. These powerful items were meant to drift along and subtly influence events, not be kept and wielded by mortal creatures, no matter how magical or long-lived they might be.

The Elves should have known this, but when they gained control of all seven of the God Machines they thought it was a sign of the Gods’ favor and of their destiny. The power they controlled was immense, and it turned on them. Unable to come to agreement and work together, the Elves fought and destroyed themselves, until the remaining survivors made a pact to scatter, each group taking one of the God Machines to throw back into the world. The diaspora gave birth to several new Elven demesnes around the world, as well as the creation of the Light and Dark Fae. As for Numenlaur, it was closed off to the world, the forbidden homeland the banished Elves could only remember in whispers and longing.

Until the last remaining God Machine in Numenlaur- kept by an egotistical king despite his promises that it would be set free- warped the minds of it’s keepers who then emptied the city and attempted to wipe the Elves off the face of the Earth.

Now the fabled city lies abandoned and shattered, it’s riches and powerful magics strewn carelessly about, ripe for plundering. Until two proud and arrogant Wyr who loathe each other are sent to protect it. But power calls to power, and a jewel like Numenlaur is a heady prize. By the time Quentin and Aryal step foot in the city, is it already too late? Can they set their pride aside and learn to work together, or will Numenlaur history repeat itself and destroy them? These are the challenges Quentin and Aryal face as Kinked begins.