The Elder Races Canvas

In a previous worldbuilding article, I talked about building a bigger canvas than I can possibly write about in one lifetime. For readers who are not familiar with my Elder Races universe, you can read a short piece by clicking here.

Here’s a very basic list of what I started with.

Wyr demesne—New York City

I’ve told multiple stories in this demesne, and many of the original cast of characters are here.

Elven demesne—Charleston

I have only lightly touched on this demesne, but I HAVE told the story of the High Lord’s death and what happened to his consort in relation to the Wyr demesne.

Dark Fae demense—Chicago

As of the time I’m writing this, I’ve only told one story and one novella based on the Dark Fae. There’s another seed of a story percolating on a back burner, but I’m not sure when I’ll turn my attention to that corner of the universe to tell it.

Light Fae demesne—Los Angeles

I’ve had one story, a novella, based here but told from the Wyr’s point of view. Also, the heir to the Light Fae demesne and the King of the Nightkind got their own story in Midnight’s Kiss. But I have another story that wants to be told based in LA with Light Fae characters… again, I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to turn my attention here.

Nightkind demesne—San Fransisco/Bay Area

Julian, the Nightkind King, and his righthand guy Xaviara gentleman Vampyre if ever there was oneboth got full length stories, so while I could theoretically develop much more here, it’s not high on my priority list with so many other stories clamoring for attention.

Witches demesne—Louisville

I keep skirting around the witches demesne. I did tell one small portion of this demesne in Oracle’s Moon… but the main character wasn’t a traditional witch. The American Witch trilogy will help to sketch in more about this area of the ER universe, but honestly, what I really want to do is base a trilogy in Louisville and tell it about the witches here. And that is fairly high on my list of Things I Want To Do.

Demonkind demesne—Houston

I haven’t even begun to touch on this one, although I’ve told stories with various Demonkind characters. Gah! I want to get in here so bad! 😊

Elder Tribunal (seven Councillors/Peacekeepers, troops governed by the tribunal)—offices in NYC

Think “the United Nations of the Elder Races” and you’d get the picture. I think telling a story (or stories) about the Peacekeepers would be fascinating, and I would love to do that too. Someday!

Other lands

Oh, how I love the Other lands! These places give me a chance to indulge my love for fantasy. There is virtually no limit to what can be told.

The Moonshadow trilogy had a strong focus in Other lands, and I have another trilogy waiting in the wings to write based on the area I’ve begun to develop in my novella The Chosen. This is highly developed in the behind-the-scenes way, and I had, in fact, intended to start writing on this in the latter part of 2018. Those plans changed, and that change in direction did leave me with the question of what to work on, and so I turned my attention to an extensive rewrite of a manuscript that I had written in 2016. That project was American Witch. And then American Witch exploded into a trilogy plus a novella. Isn’t creativity wonderful?

But my intention is still to swing back around to the Other land of Ys and explore the seeds of conflict I sewed into The Chosen.

And my bottom line is, do you see just how much more story there is to be told here?