The Elves in the Elder Races Universe

Elves are among the oldest and most Powerful of the Elder Races. Their Power comes from the five elements—air, fire, water, wood and earth. Like the Wyr and many of the other Elder Races, the Elves grow in Power as they age. The ancient Elves can control weather, shift tides, even cause landscapes to shift. Not every Elf has the same affinity for each element—some have an affinity to air, others to water, others to several elements at once. The oldest Elves have honed their affinities over time, and if pressed, they can wield almost complete power over their elements, even to the point of causing hurricanes.

Though many Wyr and members of the other Elder Races are blessed with extreme long lives, few remember that the Elves once warred amongst themselves, long before humans ever walked the earth. Fewer still know the reasons behind the war, as the root cause of the quarrel was kept out of non-Elven circles. They fought until Elven blood ran on the ground, and the bloodshed was so great that they drove themselves into a diaspora. The Light and Dark Fae were born of this war, and there are, to this day, similarities between the races, such as long lives, similar magic, and those pointed ears.

The seat of the Elven demesne in the United States is just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, in a particularly wild and green place called Lirithriel Wood. It borders a national forest—only the Wood can survive hurricanes where the national forest cannot. The Wood was created from Elven power after the war, and it holds a connection to an Elven Other land.

The oldest Elven demesne in the world is Numenlaur.  After the ancient war, the Numenlaurian Elves withdrew from the rest of the world and closed the passageway to their land, remaining so separate that even Calondir and Beluviel, the Elven High Lord and his consort, cannot remember the last time a Numenlaurian Elf made the journey through the passage from the Other Land to this world.

Relations between the Wyr and the Lirithriel Elves have been tense ever since Dragos Cuelebre—the Great Beast, the Lord of the Wyr, and Pia Giovanni’s mate—broke several long-standing and vital treaties with the Elves. Though those events are months in the past, clashes and strife continue along the border with the Elven demesne. The Elves have enacted a trade embargo that has put several New York businesses under and has seriously hurt several more.

That’s why Pia undertakes a mission of diplomacy.  Reaching an understanding with the Elves is so important, she embarks on a journey to meet with Calondir and Beluvial at the junction of two extremely delicate events—the beginning of the Wyr Sentinel Games and her own budding pregnancy. But the Elves are proud and Powerful, and her husband is even more so. Can she repair relations between these two stubborn races? Will Calondir, the Elven High Lord, even consent to see her? And what of Numenlaur, the lost Elven demesne—has it fallen into myth and legend completely? These are the challenges Pia faces as she travels to Charleston, and this is where Lord’s Fall begins.