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The Elder Races Universe

In the Elder Races universe, time and space buckled at the Earth’s formation.  Scientists speculate that this phenomenon is not unique to the Earth, but that it also occurred throughout all the solar systems and galax… Read More

A Compendium of Wyr

In essence, a Wyr is a creature that is two-natured and typically they have two forms, an animal form and a human form. They have the ability to shapeshift at will from one form to the other, and they are quite comfortab… Read More

Discourse on the Dark Fae

The Dark Fae are some of the longest lived creatures in the Elder Races universe, with several kingdoms throughout the world.  One of the most famous of the Dark Fae kingdoms is the Unseelie Court, based in an Other lan… Read More

A Brief History of Vampyrism

In the Elder Races universe, Vampyrism has an extensive and varied history that has its roots in ancient Egypt.  It has long been called the “serpent’s kiss,” many believe, because of the fangs that descend when a… Read More

The Djinn in the Elder Races Universe

The Djinn in the Elder Races universe are creatures of air and fire, and almost unimaginable Power.  Born at the beginning of the world, they have no corporeal bodies; instead they can assume whatever physical form they… Read More

The Elves in the Elder Races Universe

Elves are among the oldest and most Powerful of the Elder Races. Their Power comes from the five elements—air, fire, water, wood and earth. Like the Wyr and many of the other Elder Races, the Elves grow in Power as the… Read More

The Mysterious Tarot Deck

Have you ever had your fortune told? Maybe at a party, by a friend who fancied herself psychic. Maybe you visited a storefront medium on a late night after a few drinks. The experience was probably anticlimactic—the so… Read More


An Other land, it is the ancestral home of the Elves. Described as a land of flowing milk and honey, Numenlaur’s wonders pre-date any human civilization. The Elves flourished here, until their pride and arrogance nearl… Read More

Worldbuilding 101–Thea Style

I thought I’d start this first worldbuilding piece by something I did by accident when I wrote Dragon Bound. I built a world bigger than I could ever possibly hope to explore completely… which means that now, years l… Read More

An Introduction to Food and Magic

Personally, I’ve been thinking about this for a few years. Just imagine how important magic would be if you lived somewhere like the Elder Races universe, or in any of the fantasy-based worlds in popular culture. And t… Read More

The Elder Races Canvas

In a previous worldbuilding article, I talked about building a bigger canvas than I can possibly write about in one lifetime. For readers who are not familiar with my Elder Races universe, you can read a short piece by c… Read More

Blessing Food and Food as Medicine

My own personal journey of diagnosing food intolerances and developing a way of eating that is right for me has taught me that in the real world food is medicine. Eating the right foods for your body’s needs will help … Read More

World-Building for the American Witch trilogy

I want to share a bit about Everwood, the primary setting for my American Witch trilogy. In building this fictional town, I've had to map out the places of importance to the stories. It was a lot of fun to sketch out the… Read More

Magic and Fast Food Franchises?

When I think of magic, food, and the Elder Races universe—which is an alternative, present-day Earth—one of the questions I’ve asked myself is whether magic could be combined with fast food franchises. Think of it,… Read More

Drinks and Magic

So far, in the Elder Races, I’ve given several examples of how drinks and magic intermix. I’m writing this off the top of my head, but I *think* the first time was when I introduced the concept of a healing potion in… Read More


RT Book Reviews Interview

The discusses the Elder Races series with RT Book Reviews.

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Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series

A short video of Elder Races characters from a fan's perspective.

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Q&A With Thea Harrison

Australian Romance Readers Association - 2017

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Short Stories

Sometimes I get little scenes in my head that don’t fit into a story, so I’ve started jotting them down for you! Reminder that newsletter subscribers get first access, so if you’d like to read these before they are posted to the website, please sign up for the newsletter.

Note: Please be aware that all snippets assume you are up to date on the books. If not, you may run into spoilers.

Enjoy! ❤ Thea

A morning in the life of… Aryal

Today sucked more than any other Monday, because, well, it was today.  It was not a past Monday and not future one, but right now, so she had to live it. First item of suckiness?  She forgot to get her dirty clothes to the laundry on F… Read More

Dragos Meets Stinkpot

As Pia got ready for bed, nerves tied her stomach up in knots. She wasn’t used to feeling nervous about going to bed. Excited, sure. Delighted, definitely. The intimate times she shared with Dragos in the bedroom were some of her happiest… Read More

Camping with Tiago

“Are you ready?” Niniane kept her deadpan face locked down tight, tight, tight, and gave Tiago her best cool stare. Playing poker against a Wyr as cagey as Tiago who knew her so well was quite the challenge. He could sense excitement… Read More

Offended Carling

The scar on Rune’s thigh particularly offended Carling. Normally she disposed of things that offended her with ruthless efficiency, but the scar was different. She couldn’t dispose of it. She couldn’t put it at a distance. She coul… Read More

Grace’s Inheritance

“I don’t want to go to school!” Chloe raged. She threw a couch pillow. Her small face was suffused with pink. “I do’wanna!” Max echoed his sister gleefully as he rampaged around the living room, chubby legs pumping. “I do… Read More

Sophie Rescues a Stray

Land magic wrapped around her, archaic and untamed. Crossover passages to Other lands existed somewhere nearby. Maybe several of them. Maybe even a lot of them. Soaking it in, walking steadily, Sophie fell into a trance until what looked… Read More

Puppy Problems

“I can’t find him anywhere.” As soon as Alice heard the nanny sob those words over the phone, she had a few quick words with her classroom assistant, then she grabbed her purse and rushed out of the room, leaving her assistant to h… Read More


“Did you know Neptune and Uranus may have oceans of liquid diamond?” Luis asked. Claudia murmured, without paying much attention, “Really?” “There may be diamond icebergs in the oceans,” he told her. “Man, if only the Dj… Read More

Fan Art

Angela Waters

Digital artist Angela Waters has designed a lovely free wallpaper of Luis fromNatural Evil. Angela created the book cover for Natural Evil, and I am so excited to share this with readers for the first time!

Luis from Natural Evil

Full Size

Patricia Schmitt

Digital artist Patricia Schmitt (a.k.a Pickyme) has created three wonderful wallpapers from Dragon Bound, Storm’s Heart and Serpent’s Kiss! You can find them on her website or download them here:

Dragon Bound

Full Size
Storm’s Heart

Full Size
Serpent’s Kiss

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A reader’s depiction of Aryal after she read Kinked.


Danielle has been creating some great pictures of her favorite characters.  You can see more of her work at

Quentin and Aryal

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