I should be packing…

If it feels like my house move has been going on for ages, that’s because it has. I started looking for a place a few months ago. Then there was the loan application and the closing process. All of you who have been through this process before, you know just how much fun I was having.

And now I’m officially into Move Week.

My two dogs and cat – Charlie, Phoebe, and Sweetie – left today. I said goodbye to them while they were in the back of the pet transportation van. The pet transport folks, a team of two, were very kind. The gentleman was older. Usually his wife is the second half of his team, but she had to stay at home because of an ailing mother, so he had a younger partner with him for the trip.

The older gentleman gave me a hug. Some people are not huggy people, but I am so I loved it. I kinda needed a hug today.

And the pets… all three were hooting and hollering. I looked at them with love and thought, yeah, this is why I don’t drive you guys across the country. Thanks to the pet transportation folks, they’ll be safe and treated well, and they will stay at a friend’s house until I reach the other side, and in the meantime I am now free to deal with what I need to do.

It was a relief when the van drove away, but much of the brightness in the day left with them. There aren’t any funny, affectionate companions hanging out by my feet while I type this. The SoCal house is quiet, and even though my stuff is all still here, a lot of it is in boxes and the place doesn’t feel lived in any longer.

The moving company shows up tomorrow, and I am not ready for them. I should be packing. Instead, I decided to write this.

I’m getting a house for Christmas, and I’m thrilled. Pretty thrilled. Theoretically thrilled. It’s all my choice, and I’m totally fine with having made it.

But moving during December feels weird. On the one hand, it’s great! Because of off-season pricing, I saved a lot on my moving company. But on the other hand, it’s a lonely business. I won’t be able to decorate for the holidays, or do any of the other things that many other folks are doing. Still, it will be worth it for the rewards, and that means I will doubly appreciate my Christmas tree next year.

Right now, since all my books are packed, I’m in search of great stories to load onto my kindle, because once again, books are going to get me through this transition in my life.

Stories are amazing, fundamental. They’re as necessary to me as food and drink, and perhaps they’re just as important to you too.

So before I shut down my internet for the last time in SoCal and disappear on my journey, I’m hoping you might help me out by posting either what you’re reading, or what you’re really looking forward to reading. I’ve got to grab some new stories and then get back to packing.

I’ll share photos of the house when I reach the other side!


12 Responses

  1. Shira says:

    I recently finished the three books of the Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde and loved it. It’s both funny and sexy, kind of like your Dragon Bound. Really looking forward to Book 4.
    Tonight, I’m planning to start Amid the Winter Snow which arrived in my kindle last night.

  2. Deb says:

    Just finished Amid the Winter Snow, which is quite good, by the way and thank you! The Chosen was a nice, different dose of “Other Landia”.
    You haven’t ever said, if Anne Mccaffreys dragons are familiar to you, but if you haven’t met them, Pern is an awesome world, and was my teenage introduction to dragons in books!

  3. Anne says:

    I am reading Christina Lauren: relatable heroines, complex but hot heros, well rounded secondary characters. Also reading Patricia Briggs, complex, capable heroines, great world-building lovely – sexy heroes. Honorable Mention: Nalini Singh: tonally lighter work but great world-building, complex heroes/heroines, well-rounded secondary characters and satisfying endings.

    • Sophia says:

      Patricia Briggs and Nalini Singh are both favorites of mine. I would also recommend Darynda Jones- absolutely hilarious.

  4. Hazel says:

    Ilona Andrews Magic Steals but then the Kate Daniels series is one of my all time favourite series and I love this novella because we get to read about two interesting side characters – Jim and Dali – and Dali really comes into her own. There is another Jim and Dali novella (Magic Dreams) that comes first. Silent Blade is a great romantic Ilona Andrews novella that doesn’t assume any knowledge because it’s the first in the Kinsmen Universe.

  5. Harry Moyes says:

    Given you have cooperated with many of my favourites in “Amid the Winter
    Snow” I’ll assume you are aware of their work. Heather Long, “The Wolves of Willow Bend” series is good, as is her older “Chance Munroe” series. Moira Rogers AKA Kit Rocha (Donna and Bree), the “Beyond” series and its follow ups are good, as is the older “Southern Arcana”. Absolutely anything by Patty Briggs, but especially the “Moon Called” series, and the spin off “Alpha and Omega” series. Eilleen Wilkes “The Lupi” series.
    Cheers Harry

  6. Harry Moyes says:

    As an afterthought, “The Paladin” by CJ CherryH, and the “Ivrel” series. I know The Paladin is available as an ebook, not sure of the Ivrel set.

  7. Judy says:

    This is the time of year I read Carla Kelly! Love all of her Christmas stories.

  8. JenM says:

    On the UF side, I’m currently loving Diana Pharaoh Francis’ Diamond City series. On the PNR side, I also just started Nalini Singh’s Pay/Changeling series. There are lots of books in that one so it would keep you busy for awhile.

  9. Yvonne Bartlett says:

    Anything by Nalini Singh especially her guildhunter/angel series or her shifter/psych series.
    Shelly Laurenston shifter series makes me laugh or as GA Aiken her dragon series create a wonderful new world.
    Both have sties where you can read extracts.

  10. kommiesmom says:

    You and Ilona and Gordon Andrews are both in transit to new houses. Theirs is a shorter move, but still will be hard on scheduled delivery of titles.
    I have your new book to look forward to (already preordered, thank you) in the near future, so things will be interesting in the new year.
    Please let us know how your move goes and if the new place is as you imagined it. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. Enjoy!