LORD’S FALL giveaway winners

Here are the twenty winners of the LORD’S FALL giveaway!  CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS!!!

If the winner’s name was a common name, I’ve added the first digits or numbers of the winner’s email address to clarify.  This was to protest people’s privacy while still being specific about who won.

Remember, I am going to the post office tomorrow morning.  I need to have your address in my inbox BY 9 am MDT / 11 am EST, or I will give the book to someone else.

Winners please send your mailing addresses to:  thea@theaharrison.com.  No post office boxes, please.

My heart goes out to those currently in the hurricane Sandy’s path.  I hope people have been able to enjoy the giveaway in spite of the storm.



Lynette Obermeyer

ErickaS – ericka10….

Teresa (teresamead)

Cheryl Anderson – whitd….

Stacy – chamel….

Mary – mbear….

Natasha H – Tasha_……

Linda Trzaskoma

Jeannie – Jamaxy….

Tasha – Tashady….

Angela – nynian….


Samantha B

Naomi Lindsey

Mary Ann Wright

Sharonda – mslo….

Julie Szabo – htej….

Deanna Brady

Milly Taiden

Cheryl Sanders

20 Responses

  1. Amuro4ever says:

    SOB* but Congrat to all the winners.

  2. Cheryl Sanders says:

    Wooo hooo!!! Thank you! I sent my mailing address already.

    My thoughts and prayers to all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

  3. Milly Taiden says:

    YAY!!!! I’m so excited!! I’m a huge huge HUGE fan!!! *happy dance* Yipee!!!

  4. Natasha H says:

    Yay!! Thank you so much!! Also thinking of the Sandy victims 🙁

  5. jean says:

    Congrats to the winners! If any of the winners don’t claim their prize I’m eagerly standing in line hoping for another opportunity to win 🙂

  6. Pollyanna Stewart says:

    🙁 Happy for all of you though…back to pathophysiology now….

  7. Lynette Obermeyer says:

    Thank You! Emailing my address now. I have been feeling Sandy’s wrath for a few days now. So happy I still have power to see if I won. Love the Elder series! I always stay up to late in the morning to finish the book. Thank you again!

  8. Madeline says:

    Congrats to the winners 🙂 now how do I get on the back up list? 😉

  9. Linh Nguyen says:

    Congrats to all winners!

    To all those who hasn’t, don’t despair. “Lord’s Fall” will be in your hands not long after. We are, after all, reading the same book. =D

    To all those living in the path of Sandy (as I am), you are all in my prayers!

  10. TaKiesha says:

    Congrats to the winners. Would love to be on the second chance list. Have had a craptastic day and Lord’s Fall would have made it better. Guess I will just settle for a glass of red a reread!

  11. Elizabeth H. says:

    Congrats Winners! And my heart and prayers go out to all those in Sandy’s path.

  12. Tasha says:

    Yay! Hope everyone’s staying safe while Sandy rages.

    Still can’t believe the NYSE is under water…

  13. sonona grams says:

    well darn lost another one 🙁
    lol hopefully win one from you one day lol congrats to all thoughs that did win your lucky .. remeber if u dont claim im more than willing to valenteer for a back up 🙂

  14. Linda Thum says:

    Sigh, wrong Linda. The heart beat a little faster there for a moment!

    I’ve a nice spot on my bookshelf if anyone doesn’t want their copy (as if!)

  15. Teresa says:

    Yipee, I’ve won a copy! Hope I haven’t missed the deadline though as it was 1am in the uk when it was announced so was fast asleep!!!!

  16. Well done you lucky people!

  17. Angela says:

    OMG, I can’t believe I won! *Does a happy dance* I’m reading it the second I get it!

  18. Deanna Brady says:

    Yay!tyvm can’t wait to!

  19. lyn in tampa bay says:

    Congrats to all!!!!!

    Waiting till release date ;o)

  20. Diane says:

    Grr… but Congrats to those who won!!!