Moonshadow News!

Dear Readers-

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to change the series title for Moonshadow. Instead of being Elder Races Book 10, it will be Moonshadow Book 1, with the next stories being Spellbinder (Moonshadow Book 2) and Lionheart (Moonshadow Book 3).

The stories are still set in the Elder Races world and there will be some crossover, but while the original Elder Races stories dealt with the demesnes in the US, the Moonshadow trilogy will be dealing with the demesnes in the UK. It is similar to how Patricia Briggs structures her Alpha and Omega series versus her Mercy Thompson series—same world, but with a different focus.

I’m doing this for several reasons. A big one is for reader clarification. Many readers are under the impression that Moonshadow picks up after Shadow’s End and will focus on beloved characters that they already know. Those characters do exist in this world—and some will be making an appearance in the upcoming three stories—but the Moonshadow trilogy will focus on the UK demesnes and will not require knowledge of the previous Elder Races books.

As for the original Elder Races stories, I’ll definitely be swinging back to the US to tell more of those stories as well!

I’m very excited about exploring this new canvas of the Elder Races world and I hope you enjoy it as well.

~ Thea

23 Responses

  1. Ellen Sandberg says:

    I look forward to all your books.

  2. Peggy says:

    That is great! I love the way characters pop in from another story line. Still keeps in touch with them

  3. Missy Hall says:

    Thea, thanks very much for sharing your writing with us. It gives hours of enjoyment in this crazy and difficult world of ours. Will you be continuing the Elder Races series itself (is there another ER book in the works?)

  4. Nancy says:

    Will you have Liam’s story in the Moonshadow or Elder Races?

  5. Joyce G says:

    I love everything you write. I’m excited by the UK series.

  6. Louise says:

    Looking forward to this

  7. kragthang says:

    I like the change. Makes sense to me, but won’t change my reading pattern. Can’t wait for the trilogy 🙂

  8. Courtney Lewis says:

    This is SO smart – thank you for thinking about not confusing your readers! As a librarian, the way authors organize series can make or break reader expectations and their experience of the book. Thanks for thinking this through. 😀

  9. SL says:

    I love your Elder Races books they are fresh and original but I am still reeling from one character death (spoilers) but I can’t wait to read Moon shadow!!!.

  10. Paula says:

    Will there be a print copy of Moonshadow or just ebook? If it is coming out in the print copy I will just wait for that.
    Thank you.

    • Charlotte says:

      It will be coming out in trade paperback, but we cannot generate a pre-order for it yet. -Charlotte

  11. Quick question! Amazon is showing this book as 9 pages long. That’s an error, yes? 😀 Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on. Arwen

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Arwen-

      Moonshadow will be a full-length novel. There is a placeholder file being used while Thea finishes Moonshadow. The file is necessary to generate the pre-order. Amazon has an automatic page counter and reads the placeholder as being 9 pages long. When the final file is uploaded, the page count will amend itself.

  12. Frank says:

    Hi Thea, I’m a big fan of the ER series. It’s one of my absolute favorites in urban fantasy and I can’t wait to read the new story placed in the UK.
    You already mentioned, that you will continue the original ER storyline, but will this happen after the completetion of the Moonshadow-Series or maybe between parts of it? I know, writing is about inspiration. But a very little hint if we have to wait for two or more years on Dragos and Pia to return would be much appreciated.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Frank!

      Nothing has been decided yet. Thea likes to write chronologically, but there will be crossover in the series so she is still figuring out the best way to tell all of the stories and the order in which to do so.


  13. Ann says:

    Sounds exciting! I’m a fan of Elder Races so I’m pretty sure that I will love this one too.

  14. Tina says:

    Im so excited for the new series!! Will the moobshadow series be available in audio version?

    • Charlotte says:

      Yes, but it won’t be ready by release day. Sophie Eastlake has agreed to narrate (Yay!) but audio takes longer to produce. -Charlotte

  15. Suzette Henderson says:

    Ohhhh!!! I am so looking forward to this I love trilogies.

  16. Nicky says: lists Moonshadow as being only 9 pages in length. When I contacted them, I was told that this is the information the publisher forwarded to them. That seems unreasonably short so I assume that there is an error in communication. I would appreciate knowing the length of the book/novella. Love the entire concept of “same world” stories.

    • Charlotte says:

      Moonshadow is a full length novel.

      Thea is still editing Moonshadow. In order to generate a pre-order, a placeholder file is being used, which is 9 pages long. Because Amazon uses an auto-page count, we cannot correct the information until the final file is uploaded. -Charlotte