Moonshadow Paperback Pre-Orders

Dear Readers-

First, the important stuff: the print version of Moonshadow will be available on Dec. 13! Even better, I convinced Amazon to give me a pre-order for the print version!

As many of you know, I decided to self-publish when Berkley and I failed to reach a contractual agreement after Shadow’s End. There are lots of things I love about self-publishing—I can give readers a wide variety of stories that are as long or short as the story needs. Having creative control over the cover design has meant I can produce better, higher quality covers. (I adore the amazing job Gene Mollica did on Moonshadow!) There is a faster turnaround time from when I finish writing and the book is in your hands, and there is great flexibility in e-book prices. These are all great things!

Self-publishing doesn’t do quite as well in print books. Traditional publishing has a huge infrastructure in place that allows them to print thousands of copies at once, and then store them in big warehouses. That lowers the cost of printing by quite a bit. Self-publishing doesn’t have this option. Unfortunately, it costs more to print this way, and I’m not in control of that pricing. Add in a long book (the print file for Moonshadow is 498 pages) and the cost goes up.

The print versions are priced as low as I can get them, but are trade paperback pricing instead of the previous mass market pricing. If the sticker shock is too much, I suggest either asking your library to carry it, or getting an e-version. You don’t need an e-reader to read ebooks—now you can read on your computer, tablet, and phone with a free app.

While the majority of my sales are e-books, I know there are many readers who prefer a physical book. I am trying to make my books accessible to everyone in whatever form they prefer. To that end, I have two different print versions, although as a reader you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

The first one is through Ingram, who is a wholesaler that serves bookstores and libraries around the world. When you order the print version from Barnes and Noble or a local bookstore, they are getting it from Ingram. Because it is wholesale, I have no control on the final price so I suggest you shop around. If you ask your favorite store to carry it, you can be assured it is available to them.

The other version is CreateSpace, which is sold directly through Amazon. Because there is no middle-man, it can be slightly cheaper, but Amazon limits the distribution area. Between the two print versions, I am confident that no matter where you live that there are options available to you.

You can pre-order the print version of Moonshadow at:

Amazon US  Barnes and Noble  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  

I will be updating my website and social media as more links become available. The most recent links can be found here.

However you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy Moonshadow! I loved writing this story and am already hard at work on the sequel—Spellbinder.  😊


5 Responses

  1. Michelle Parr says:

    I’m choosing options A and B. The ebook version AND the print version. I mean, what happens if I can’t access one of the versions and want to re-read one or all of the books? I mean, really!? That could give me night sweats! I love, love your stories and have read them so many times and infected others. Thank you for such truly enjoyable reads!

  2. Sharon says:

    I pre-ordered both versions as well. 🙂

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  4. JB says:

    I really appreciate you putting out a paperback. I pre-ordered so I could give it to my mother for Christmas. I got the e-book for myself and already finished 🙂

  5. AnnieB says:

    Thank you for your willingness to continue to publish your wonderful stories with real ink on real paper! I do have a few ebooks on my tablet (wonderful Samsung Galaxy, with Kindle, Nook, Acrobat reader, etc. etc. etc., so I can read in many different formats). However, I much prefer “real” books, which do not require recharging. Also, I never have to worry about updating software or incompatibilities between older ebooks and newer software versions.