More updates, reader questions, and a spoiler-free announcement of sorts

I finished with the proofread file of Planet Dragos, and it’s off for the final “oops” detection. Trivia: several different readers go through this process – me, my editor, the proofreader, beta readers, and the final reader, my audio narrator Sophie Eastlake. Sometimes, ALL of us miss a typo or two, which always astounds me, but it does happen to all of us. Ah, publishing. It does have its quirks.
We’re a little ahead of schedule right now, so we’re hoping to send ARCs out to bloggers and the reader review team around Monday evening, maybe Tuesday The story will also be made available on Netgalley early next week, so if you’re on the reader list or on Netgalley, keep an eye out for it.
Yes, Planet Dragos will be released print, in audio, and I’m planning on a German edition. These are all different avenues of production, so as always we will make announcements as things transpire. The German translation will be made available later this summer.
I’ve decided to write a final trilogy based on the original Wyr demesne in New York. This will be the last set of stories that will be New York based, BUT it will not be the last of the Elder Races universe. I would love to write other stories from other angles in the universe, so I’m not closing shop on the overarching series.
This is all I’m willing to say right now. I’m not sure of the timeline. I might write the trilogy all at once, or I might write one book a year interspersed with working on something new for creative refreshment. Those decisions will come in the future. As always I’ll keep you posted when I know something for sure. 🙂

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