New Snippet Available!

Thea writes free scenes for her newsletter subscribers. After she sends out a new one, she posts the previous one to her website. Puppy Problems, featuring Alice and Gideon from True Colors, is available now. 😀

5 Responses

  1. Linda Benoit says:

    Your last book was wonderful. I can not wait until Spellbound comes out. I think I have read all of your Elder books but do not have a list. I wish I had a list of all your books. SINCERELY L. BENOIT

  2. Susan Cobb says:

    Hey, when will Drago and Pia have a story about the stinkpot? Also what about Liam.

    • Susan Cobb says:

      Elder race books are great.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Susan,

      Don’t worry, Thea has plans for Dragos, Pia, the stinkpot, and Liam! At the moment though she’s working on the Moonshadow trilogy. Since there are many stories to be told and only one Thea, we have to be patient. 🙂 We’ll make sure and post when we have news about a new Elder Races story.