Rising Darkness Twitter Contest Winners!

The cover of Thea Harrison's upcoming release - Rising DarkenssThanks to everyone who entered the #RisingDarkness Twitter contest today.
Check below for your twitter handle. If you won send an email to info@theaharrison.com with your name and mailing address.
I’ll send the winners their very own signed copy of the book.
Please email by 5pm on March 20th to claim your prize.

1. @Jovial_1
2. @XBoxMum
3. @Booky_Lillz
4. @JoleneAllcock
5. @poodle666
6. @MimiSmith94
7. @lorasellers
8. @goodredherring
9. @TXBookJunkie
10. @mikaela_l
11. @Estherde_J
12. @MakeMeKay
13. @MaryJoToth
14. @Yami_Miko
15. @SullivanMcPig
16. @FangBooks
17. @hi_26
18. @heathersb2003
19. @Sparima
20. jcalvert719


10 Responses

  1. Timitra says:

    Congrats to all winners!!!

  2. evening-green says:

    Congrats guys!

  3. Irene Jackson says:

    Fantastic thank you !!

  4. Diane says:


  5. Viki S. says:

    Thank you so much Thea!

  6. Esther says:

    Yay!! I never one anything like this before! So excited, thank you Thea!

  7. Yami says:

    Thank you so much Thea! You do excellent work in your writing everyday!

  8. Yay! Thank you 🙂

    And congrats to the other lucky winners as well.

  9. heathersb2003 says:

    OMG I WON! Happy late birthday to me! Thank you Thea and grats to the other winners!

  10. Viki S. says:

    Thea – It just arrived :). Thank you so much.