RT Reviewers Choice Awards

So excited that Thea won for Paranormal Worldbuilding, especially considering the other amazing authors who were selected in their categories!  Congratulations to all the winners!


2 Responses

  1. Judith Cross says:

    Dear Thea,

    Congratulations on the RT award. I am a great fan of your paranormal series and have read nearly all (not all the novellas) of the Elder Series.

    Like all fans,, I love Pia, Dragon and Liam. But you outdid yourself with Shadow’s End. That was a great story with great plot and characterization – in fact the only story that rivals the freat appeal of Pia/Dragos. It deserves the 4.8 rating from Amazon. Although I do hope you have reincarnation plans for Constantine. He’s too ripe a character for redemption than to have it really be the end of him.

    I hope you have plans soon for another in the series. Not only do I enjoy as a reader, but I study yours as a model for learning the craft. You are one of my favorite paranormal writers – with beautiful craft mastery.

    Here’s wishing you much continuing success and happiness.

    Judith Cross

    • Charlotte says:

      Thanks Judith! Thea does have plans to continue writing in the Elder Races world- we’ll post updates as they become available! 😀 -Charlotte