Setting up merchandise at Cafe Press

I have started setting up merchandise on the Elder Races at Cafe Press!!!  So far I’m creating t-shirts and mugs/water bottles.  TrishPickyme has very kindly agreed for her downloadable art to be used!  This is fun, and I hope readers think so too.

This is totally a work in progress.  The “store” needs a design, and I haven’t figured out yet how to put quotes on t-shirts and mugs… would you like to help me out?  Which quotes from the books/novellas so far would you like to buy on a t-shirt or mug?  Please comment so that I can get a feeling for what you might enjoy.

So far, I think I’m going to do:

“I used to eat people, you know.” ~ Dragos, Dragon Bound

“I’m sorry I had to take your penny.  Here’s another to replace it.” ~ Pia, Dragon Bound

At some point soon I’m hoping to add the Cafe Press information on the website.

3 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    “You eat people. [I think the divorce court might call that the definition of irreconcilable.]”
    “All these centuries of civilization? Just a veneer.” (good on a coffee mug, methinks)
    “Speak for yourself. I’ve got all kinds of hard feelings going on over here.”
    Look forward to seeing the site (and the merch) 😀

  2. Not quite what you asked for, but… As a mug aficionado, I am very (very!) particular. Size, shape and handle matter. Also, I want to broadcast mug awesomeness from all angles and really hate it when one side of the mug is blank. Just something to think about…

    • thea says:

      Thanks! I’m not sure I have any choice on Cafe Press for putting things all the way around the mug. but I know what you’re saying. It’s nice to have a design from all sides.