Small publishing updates

This is a super short, not very interesting, but nevertheless important update for readers who may be confused over some online changes in the next few weeks…
Google Play – Many of you will remember that I had to pull my titles from the Google Play website because of a disagreement I had with their pricing policies. I’m happy to report that Google Play and I have come to an agreement that will allow me to publish all my titles on their website. If you like to buy from Google Play, all my Indie titles will be going up on their site over the next few weeks! 🙂
Nook readers – Because of boring tax ID reasons, I have had to delist all my books on the Nook website. But don’t worry! They will reappear shortly. Unfortunately because of the limitations in their system, it means I’ve had to sacrifice all the wonderful reader reviews in the process, but alas, it couldn’t be helped.
So essentially Nook will be a blip, but everything will reappear, and Google Play will have everything I’ve released to date very soon.

3 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for the update. I panicked when I couldn’t get the Nook version of SPELLBINDER. I got it on Kindle though so all is right with the world. I completely respect your efforts to self-publish and you shouldn’t worry about your fans. We will find your books!

  2. Jennifer L. Sweet says:

    Thanks for the snippets. I am re reading every thing and I am really anxious to see Pia and Dragos new baby.

    Thanks !