Spotlight on… Sonya Bateman

The SFWA Fantastic Beasts Bundle is only available for one more day! Before it’s gone for good, I have one more author I want to spotlight. This week, I’m thrilled to be spotlighting Sonya Bateman!

Sonya is a genre-spanning author of urban fantasy, paranormal, and fairy tale retellings, who also publishes psychological thrillers and crime thrillers as S.W. Vaughn. It’s fair to say she keeps herself busy! Her two popular urban fantasy series are The DeathSpeaker Codex and the Gavyn Donatti series.

The DeathSpeaker Codex currently a 10 book series, and it follows Gideon Black, a man who thought he was human… until the dead start talking to him, a werewolf drags him into a secret world of Others, and he uncovers abilities within himself that he didn’t know were there.

Cursing Stones, book 1 in the Avalon Rising series, is the novel included in the SFWA Fantastic Beasts Bundle. This book is filled with ancient magic, legends you only think you know, mystery, monsters, and a reluctant heroine you can’t help but love.

What exactly is Cursing Stones about? 

Home is where the monsters are…

Rhiannon ‘Rain’ Finlay sucks at being a druid. Her gift of communicating with animals works just fine, but she doesn’t know a Thurisaz rune from a Wunjo, and she can’t even cast a circle of protection without a cheat sheet. That’s why she decided to leave her tiny village on the Isle of Parthas, North Sea, for a normal non-magical life halfway around the world.

But when her beloved grandfather disappears along with a handful of villagers, she’s forced to return home and use her gift — and her crappy druid magic — to help them. Unfortunately, she’s not exactly prepared to face the very real monsters that are popping up all over, from mutant spiders to banshees, black dogs … and worse.

That’s when she learns all the crazy stories her father told her growing up, about the old deserted castle on the island having belonged to King Arthur, might not be so crazy after all.

The legends are real. They’re returning to Parthas.

And they have unfinished business with Rain Finlay.

Cursing Stones is available as part of the SFWA Fantastic Beasts bundle. This bundle is available only from May 27, 2020 until June 18, 2020 [THAT’S TOMORROW] via Story Bundle. For more information on how this works, please click here. To purchase some or all of the fantastic books in this bundle, please click here.

And make sure you check out all of Sonya’s books, including Wrong Side of Hell (book 1 in The DeathSpeaker Codex), Master of None (book 1 in the Gavyn Donatti series), and Red (book 1 in the Fairy Tale Reboot series).

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