Spotlight On… Tameri Etherton

Last week, SFWA released the Fantastic Beasts Bundle. I’m so pleased to be included in this bundle with 14 wonderfully talented science fiction and fantasy authors. The books in this collection are top notch! If you love stories featuring mythical, magical, or otherwise fantastic beasts (would you be here if you didn’t?), these books are right up your alley!

In an ideal world where I had endless amounts of time, I’d spotlight each of the authors included in this bundle and all of their books. Unfortunately, real-world time limitations keep me from doing that. Instead I’ll be focusing on 3 authors from this bundle who I believe you will particularly enjoy, spotlighting 1 at a time. The first is USA Today bestselling author Tameri Etherton.

Author of The Fatal Fae series and Song of the Swords series, Tameri currently lives in Scotland with her husband and adorable dragon companion, Lady Dazzleton, who accompanies them on their adventures.

Seriously, how awesome is Lady D?!

According to Tameri, she writes stories about dragons and faerie assassins. It doesn’t stop there, though, because her stories also have fierce, capable heroines, sexy heroes, and intricately built story worlds that will pull you in fully. She’s currently creating the Aetherverse, which will connect characters from her various worlds and series across her books. Sunset, She Fights, the story included in the Fantastic Beasts bundle, is part of the Aetherverse. The main characters from Sunset, She Fights make several appearances in Fatal Legacy (book 1 in the Fatal Fae series). Tameri has been having fun plotting out how the books will interconnect, and I know readers will enjoy seeing all the connections.

Which brings us to the story Tameri has included in the bundle, Sunset, She Fights:

Some monsters live under the bed, and some live beneath your skin.

Every sunset, Rainne is cursed to change from an elf maiden into a lust-fueled ogress. She keeps her ogre desires under control until an elf prince arrives and upsets her precariously balanced life.

The ogress in her desires Prince Theo and will break every rule, entertain every taboo, and defy certain death to have him.

When he commands Rainne to join him at the elven palace, she can’t refuse. Nor will she be able to hide her secret.

Theo never thought he’d leave the luxurious palace of Elvenwood, but when his older brother disappears, he’s sent to find him. A chance encounter with the mysterious, yet lovely Lady Delarainne, gives him the reason he needs to return home.

The only problem? There’s a mysterious woman following them and he’s determined to learn her secrets.

The longer Rainne is away from home, the harder it becomes to keep the ogress from taking over permanently. The more time she spends with Theo, the harder it is to stop herself from falling for the prince. To save him, she’ll have to escape his lavish palace before he learns the harsh truth of who and what she is.

But not all beliefs are true, and learning to forgive is harder than it seems. If Rainne doesn’t break the curse, she’ll lose more than just Theo—she’ll lose her elven soul to the greedy ogress spirit that wants to consume all that Rainne holds dear.

Sunset, She Fights is available as part of the SFWA Fantastic Beasts bundle. This bundle is available only from May 27, 2020 until June 18, 2020 via Story Bundle. For more information on how this works, please click here. To purchase some or all of these fantastic books, please click here.

And make sure you check out Tameri’s other great books, including Fatal Illusion, The Prince of Dragons, and Dragon Mage!

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