Writing snippets, anyone?

Happy Sunday!
Quick question for you: Is it too soon to start sharing snippets from the novella I’m writing for the December anthology AMID THE WINTER SNOW, with Grace Draven, Elizabeth Hunter and Jeffe Kennedy? Or do you think it’s best to wait until November? Just a reminder, the projected release for the anthology is December 12th, and we expect to have preorders up by mid-November. Some of you will have already seen the anthology cover art, but I’m including it here again for those who haven’t.

The title of my story is The Chosen. After some discussion, we picked a few characteristics that would pull the anthology together. We decided to focus on a high(er) fantasy setting, with a heat/sensuality level of around 3, and set around the time of a mid-winter festival. Because of that, the setting for The Chosen will be in an Other land in the Elder Races universe.
After the anthology has been on sale for 90 days or so, we’ll break it apart and publish our stories separately. I already cover art for it, although it’s probably a little too soon to do a cover reveal for that. Anyway, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Monica says:

    I’m all for snippets and teasers, even if the publication date is two months away. You’re one of my favorite authors and I look forward to news regarding all of your upcoming books. My all time favorites stories are the ones centering around Dragos, Pia, and Liam. It’s been especially fun following Liam as he matures. Hopefully he’ll have another story soon. In the meantime, I anxiously await your next book.

  2. Susan McGillicuddy says:

    I am super excited. There are only a few really good authors. You are one of my favorites! I was wondering if you are going to post a blurb about it? I read the excerpt and loved it!